Platina 12mm Box up model replaces the conventional adjustable foot with a cleaner SS Box at the bottom to create a fresh straight line ambience. Balance accessories like the hinges, locks and door knobs are also in stainless steel. This model comes alongwith 12mm thick compact laminates and a SS top rail for extra strength. To feed hunger for design the Platina 12mm Box is the solution.

Standard Dimensions



General (MM)

Physically Challenged (MM)

Frontal Width Of Cubicle


Depth Of Cubicle


Height Of Entire Cubicle


Width Of Door


Height Of Door


Hardware assembly processor for fixing:

All pilasters are supported by Pacific rest room cubicles- Platina12mm Box up Floor anchor with floor anchor bolt, Floor anchor is concealed with stainless steel flat box-up of height 100mm. The stainless steel Box-up is available in SS Grade 304 & 316 options. Fixing of intermediate panels to wall shall be with stainless steel grade 304 U-channel section fixed into wall with SS 304 screw inserts. All pilasters will be fixed with a SS( Grade 304) top rail at the top.Doors are incorporated with the Noise Deafening tape to reduce the Noise effect.

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