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Pacific Product & Solutions has many different designs and models of such cubicles. This product can select one according to the financial contingencies and the space of the toilet. Lots of space can be saved when an ordinary toilet is transformed into a cubical type of toilet. The toilet also gets a professional and neat look with the help of such toilet cubicles. The toilet cubicles are available in a wide array of shapes and colors as well so as to suit the needs and necessities of the clients. Some business heads prefer colourful toilet cubicles where as others prefer simple looking ones. The toilet cubicles are also manufactured using some of the most durable materials and hence can go through wear and tear very easily. Such cubicles also let in lots of fresh air and ample light and hence are entirely safe and secure.

The cubicles are made out of a material called the phenolia compact laminate and this material is very durable and safe for human use. The knobs, hinges, doors etc of such toilet cubicles are absolutely heat proof and also bacterial free. Hence they are completely an absolutely safe to be used. Such type of toilet cubicles are widely used in almost everywhere like in the gyms, malls, airports and other public utility service centers. Many schools and colleges also have the cubicle model toilets to ensure proper hygiene and safety for their students. Even an old worn out toilet can be transformed into a modern toilet cum rest room using the toilet cubicles. Another major advantage of the cubicles are that they are not only durable but cost effective.


Pacific Product & Solutionsal so offering variousfancifulcolors of hardware (Grey, Cream/off-white and Black in polyamide nylon, aluminum, and Stainless steel (in Grade 304 & 306) for customized toilet cubicles partitions. You can choose any combination color of hardware for its aesthetical look.
This hardware made from Nylon which is a touch unbreakable material this type of hardware is economical, the hardware needs minimum maintenance. The main advantage, cheap cost, and easy maintenance , where it score over other types of hardware is that it is most suitable for all weather applications and not prone to corrosion. We would recommend this hardware if the application is for lower traffic and regular maintenance.
SS 304/SS 316 HARDWARE:-
This type of hardware in Stainless Steel comes in two grades of SS 304 and SS 316, both types of hardware has made in sheet metal of dye cast and are very effective and highly functional in use.SS hardware also makes the whole package more attractive and elegant, the user effect is also state of the art with smooth operations and long lasting.Also given the fact that maintenance of toilets is not very organized in most projects they are also prone to oxidation and in rare cases corrosion. We would recommend for projects which need higher aesthetic finish such as IT parks, Hotels, etc.
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