The Splendor is your answer when aesthetics and ease are needed in renovation projects. Using existing intermediate bricks wall, with the usage of existing intermediate brick walls this model fits in perfectly as it suffices only the door requirements. Thus PD Door replaces the traditionally used door setup with a 12mm thick compact Laminate boards come in varied designs and colors along with aluminum and nylon polyamide-6 grade hardware’s.

Standard dimension & fixing details with dwg.

Hardware assembly processor for fixing:

Aluminum ‘D’ shaped poles are fixed in the wall on both sides with SS Screws and wall plugs, maintaining the floors clearance of 150mm, each door is mounted on D shaped pole with 3 hinges. The poles are affixed rubber sponge/ lining to reduce the noise.

Standard dimension:

Standard Dimensions General(mm) Physically Challenged(mm)
Frontal Width of Cubicle 600 900
Height of entire cubicle 1980 1980
Height of Door 1830 1830
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