Presenting serenity and simplicity at its finest,the Saffron is the typical model for restroom cubicles which provide easy construction and high durability. The Pacific cubicle model is aesthetically designed with the extruded Power coating aluminum top rail and polyamide hardware’s, for giving a clean and a clean look to the restroom setup. Its intermediate panel
comprises of one undivided piece and has no joints in between. All pilasters  as well as doors are 12mm thick with chamfered edges. Thus, for those who like minimalistic designs, Safron is the answer.

Standard dimension & fixing details with dwg.

Hardware assembly processor for fixing:

The adjustable foot that supports the pilasters are made from corrosion resistant Nylon (Polyamide 6) and its base is anchored to the floor with nylon plug inserted into ground with stainless steel screws. There is a ground clearance of 150 mm. Aluminum powder coating U-channels are used to fix the pilasters at the top (Aluminum Grade:6063-T6 Alloy) Door stopper channel provides the non rebating door & connecting panels with extra ordinary look. Doors are incorporated with the Noise Deafening tape to reduce the Noise effect are incorporated with the Noise Deafening tape to reduce the noise effect.

Standard dimension:

Standard Dimensions General(mm) Physically Challenged(mm)
Frontal Width of Cubicle 900 1500
Depth of cubicle 1500 1800
Height of entire cubicle 1995 1995
Width of Door 600 900
Height of Door 1790 1790
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