Games. They always excite kids. And to give a daily dose of excitement to kids we present Azalea Restroom cubicle theme. Inspired by the kids, for the kids, this design will never run out of excitement. Ensuring these bowling pins don’t fall like the real ones, they are being supporetd by stainless and U-channels, SS-shoe box plate, MS-base plate, rubber noise deafening tape, screws and wall plugs. Let the fun game begin.

Standard dimension & fixing details with dwg.

Standard dimension:

Standard Dimensions General(mm) Physically Challenged(mm)
Frontal Width of Cubicle 900 1500
Depth of cubicle 1500 1800
Height of entire cubicle 1830 1830
Width of Door 600 900
Height of Door 1200 1200
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